Flask App Custom Domain

We currently have our app being served at http://yourserverip. Using a namecheap domain I've purchased and linode I'll set this up so that a real website name will point to my flask app.

Firstly follow these instructions.

On your namecheap dashboard, go to manage and add the custom DNS:


Now add your domain in your linode dashboard, for example:

domain: yourdomain.com
SOA Email Address: admin@yourdomain.com

Add 2 AAAA records on linode:

Hostname: www
IP Address: yourserverip

IP Address: yourserverip

On the networking tab of your linode server, under IPv4 edit RDNS and replace it with your domain:

Edit RDNS: www.yourdomain.com

If this step returns an error you may have to wait for your DNS records to propagate, try again after a while.

That's it! Your site should now be running at www.yourdomain.com or yourdomain.com, sweet! Next time we'll enable HTTPS for our app.